Happy New Year!

Well, it’s been a few month since I’ve posted an update so I guess I gotta say: whoops!

Admitedly, having completed all the Ultima games it might feel this blog is gonna die, which is true to some extent. I don’t think I’m gonna be blogging in the foreseable future… but I definitly plan to down the road.

But about what one might ask?

Well, there are quite a few other Ultima games remaining of course! All the Nintendo ports (well Ultima VI notwithstanding since it’s a straight port) and the Runes of Virtue games of course.

But also I’d like to expand eventually this blog to other games with some relation to the Ultima legacy, such as some of the other RPGs Origin released back in their day, and some of the games that were created using Ultima technology such as the Crusader series of games, or System Shock. I could also picture some blogging about spiritual successor to the series (It’s been so long since I played Arx Fatalis!) since this would be interesting.

In any case let’s hope for a year filled with Ultima and I look forward to posting more over here!