Honor comes from within (and from solving puzzles)!

And here it is: Trinsic – the City of Honor !

Trinsic as it is, is actually quite a sight to behold! The original city was destroyed and flooded by the Cataclysm and the city had to be rebuilt on the ruins of the old. As such is was actually rebuilt over water with many bridge leading to the different sections of the two. In a way it is actually quite reminiscent of Fawn of Serpent Isle, albeit with its own unique vibe.

Now of course… Trinsic has lost its Honor. Notably since the theft of the Sigil, the Chalice of Honor, the Paladins feel they were cursed and suffered a Shame too much to bear, for without the symbol of Honor, how could they retain their Honor? As such many Paladins have eventually left their order, leaving their last member Lucero to live in shame, and pondering about the nature of Honor… but without acting upon it for he feels his Honor and Trinsic’s are both gone unless someone finds the Chalice. To makes things worse, the bastion of the Paladin is also haunted by the ghost of Paladins from the pasts, enraged that their successor have lost the Chalice and plunged the city into dishonor.

In term of the more regular people though, it’s more like they have all fallen into some form of apathy, and doesn’t feel like doing anything anymore and want to live on without caring about honoring their responsibilities. As such the town has even begun to fall apart, with broken bridges and doors everywhere.

Now guess who’s got to fix this mess, heh?

To begin you need to explore the Bastion where you find a friendly ghost who recognize you as being the Avatar.

He recommends you to find a way to summon the spirit of the greatest Paladin that had ever lived: Sir Dupre! You find this way by talking to the Keeper of the Shrine of Honor, who tells you that you need to get Dupre’s ashes from the Paladin’s tombs and put them on the Shrine of Honor to summon his spirit.

Now I’m just gonna digress a bit to say this a part that always annoys me. Summoning Dupre makes sense… but the simple fact that his ASHES are there is a clear illustration of my biggest issue with this game: the blatant disregard of Serpent Isle. There were a lot of possible ways to explain this return while still taking into account the Serpent of Chaos thing. Even his resurrection in the end could have been explained… but there is nothing, and just having the ashes although they disappeared when he merged with the Serpent of Chaos is irking. But well… I look at the bright side, this blatant disregard IS what makes Return to the Serpent Isle possible, heh?

But in any case I did get the ashes from Dupre’s tomb, and summoned his spirit.

I’ll admit in spite of the consistency glitches, it feels good to see my old friend back. And well, he told me I was to get into dungeon Shame to get the Chalice of Honor within.

So here we go! Shame it is.

Shame is a pretty good dungeon in my book – although that would really depend on one’s appreciation of puzzles. The dungeon is supposed to be proving grounds for Paladin and offers a lot of logic puzzles – such as for instance not being seen by moving eyes, pushing buttons to make a moving sphere bounces off walls, or turning all the statues into a room in the same color. This is ALL about puzzles, so all the dangers came from failing them. Except for a single undead – there is no combat at all in Shame.

I’ll admit this a bit more far-fetched than Covetous or Wrong… but well I love this kind of stuff, so this is fun. 😀

But any case once you finish all the puzzles, you get access to a teleporter which gets you to the bottom of the dungeon… where of course a Column guarded by a Wyrmguard awaits you! Thankfully she is NOT a companion, so you can kill her to your heart’s content.

And of course: get the Glyph!

After that you can get in the last chamber which contain the Glyph… but well guess who’s there? I mean who’s been putting a wrench in your adventure since day one? Yep. Lord Blackthorn!

He actually offers you a deal: the lenses for the Codex in exchange for the Chalice of Honor. He claims he only seek knowledge from the Codex… but well should you offer him the lenses, you get the Armageddon cutscenes and the end-game. So you need to refuse and well… he destroys the Chalice. Whoops.

There is a sense that Blackthorn is having his own agenda with the Codex and wants to use it for its own purpose (indeed the scroll you get from Hawkwind later on mentioning a future Britannia ruled by Blackthorn gives a good idea). It does feel however that the Guardian is also seeking the Codex.
Note that there is a cut line from the Guardian at that point in the usecode, when he talks about the lenses to Blackthorn and says ““Do not fear him, Blackthorn. I am here for you. The lenses can wait for now. He cannot proceed without the chalice which you have just destroyed”. This is also interesting has it gives a sense of the relationship between the two – could the Guardian have saved and protected Blackthorn since his banishment in the Ethereal Void?

But in any case it makes sense that the Guardian would want the Codex too since he wants to absorb the Avatar. So Big G and Blackthorn are playing playing each other a bit.

But well, that’s the rule of the Sith you know: backstabbing one another…
But well what to do now without a Sigil?

Well fear note for Sir Dupre is there!

He tells you that you can recreate the Chalice of Honor by taking one of the plains chalice in the room (which were most likely chalices taken by the Paladin who went to Despise to prove themselves), and embedding it with true Honor from the acts of someone in Trinsic.

Guess it’s time to get back to Trinsic and get that new Chalice done!


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