The Virtues of killing Goblins!

So using the pillars in the ruined city of Furnace, I was transported to and odd room with three doors.

The concept of this area is actually very similar to the Dream Areas of Martain Dreams – which means they are really great!

In essence each offer a test related to one of the Virtues of Order, symbolized by a task or dilemas presented by one of your companions who tries to distract your of your task.

The first one is Iolo in a test of Logic who tried to convince you to leave the Serpent Isle through a red moongate leading back to Earth, after Zelkhas had supposedly betrayed you to the Guardian who is about to invade Earth. It’s actually pretty simple – all you need to do is refuse to go with Iolo.

The second one is Shamino in a test of Enthusiasm with whom you get stuck in a odd room with peoples and two buttons. As it turns out one of these buttons make all the people very friendly and go with to a special bedroom if you get my meaning. You of course need to press to other one to free them.

The last test is with Dupre on a test of Discipline which is annoying – but it’s kind of the point. You’re basically supposed to kill a bunch of worms getting out of the ground with your hammer, and need to do that manually with a hammer – which conisdering the interface of the game, does suck very much. Dupre in the meantime is exploring the surrounding and tells you of marvelous weapons there is. Of course you need to ignore him as usual, and just keep killing the worm.

Upon completion of this test, you are teleported back to Furnace and Zelkhas gives you the Serpent Ring. He also opens the drawbridge south of the city to get back to the Monitor area of Dungeon Furnace… but I figure why bother for now? So I went back to Monitor through the Serpent’s Gate.

After training a little bit at the List Field and changing a bit of coins at Sleeping Bull, I now proceeded to get to business and get read of the Goblin Chieftain Pomdigurn.

So I went back to the forest west of Fawn and through a hidden staiwell in a tree. Using the keys from the traitor Simon I could get to the secret Goblin valley. THere was a lot of Goblin there… so a lot of green blood was spilled by sword, including of course the evil chieftain.

I have to say I do wish there was a portrayal of Goblin which was less evil, like in the Underworld games but well…

With the chieftain dead, I could now loot his treasure vault and get the Help of Courage – symbol of the Champion Knight of Monitor – back. But most importantly: I found two letters proving that Marsten Lord of Monitor and his treasurer Spektor were both traitors and worked with the Goblin.

This is of course the ultimate demonstration of how much Monitor has fallen: that one of the Command’s leader conspired with the sworn ennemis of all humans in the land just to get rid of the other commands. Which is just crazy and unvirtuous.

Of course I immediately returned to Monitor to get the felons put into Jail. I also found out that they were the one who killed Cantra’s father! Bastards!

But I could not stay on Monitor… indeed it was now time to get to the northern areas – which means facing the dangerous Swamp of Gorlab!

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