Freedom is mine!

Unfortunately… not that kind of Freedom.

You see, as it turns out, things did not go that well. Or rather things went very well with Frigidazzi… I mean the ice sorceress… can get very hot when she wants it if you get my meaning!

One point of note about this – this is not the only sexe scene in Serpent Isle but as silly as it might sound for a game with tiny pixels, it is somewhat groundbreaking. For all the fluff that had been made about the sexe scenes in Mass Effect – Ultima came first, and that probably the first actual sex scenes to happens in mainstream game. No to mention it can be a lesbian sex scenes if you are a female Avatar!

Ultima really did break a lot of grounds.

But unfortunately – after this night of pleasure it just so happens that the Magelord Filbercio just happened to be coming to the bedroom of his mistress.


He did not take kindly on it… which kind of lead me to face another trial, but mine this time.

(In case anyone wonders – refusing to have sex with Frigidazzi doesnt change anything)

Now of course the trial was just a sham, and it was a pretext to send me to the Moutains of Freedom as punishment for having seduced the MageLord’s mistress. Like it’s a crime, right!

Now you see the dungeon of Freedom actually used to be a mine – but when regular minerals dried up, Filbercio decided to turn the mountains into a prison. So criminals are usually sent there because they angered Filbercio rather that having commited an actual real crime!

The rule of Freedom are simple though: if you manage to escape the dungeons and return to the surface, you are free man and exonerated from any crime.

Except that of course – nobody ever escaped the dungeon of Freedom!

I have to say: I love this dungeon. Notably because it holds a lot of memories for me, even if some are not so good – because I got stuck for months there, due to the fact that I had misplaced a key (to a point I eventually went and used a save from my brother to continue the game, which says a lot…).

But this frustration was good – because it really gave this sense of being alone and stuck inside this dungeon. It felt like a world of its own really: with secret areas, mages or monsters roaming around for some unknown reasons. What is interesting is that the place tells its own story… but not really through dialogues but through hints and events. You see there is some mage called Lorthodon that appeasr to be reigning here… you’ll never talk to him, but his influence seems everywhere. And somehow it makes this place feels more real.

Now the first area is actually some kind of shop headed by an Automaton. You actually have to do something not really virtuous here: that is killing the Automaton to steal his key. And pilfer his shop of course. After that it’s mosly a maze like area, with branchings all around, a few random teleporters, until you finally get to the teleporter plate leading to the next area.

This is good then, because you meet Stefano, a thief from Moonshade (which happens to have magical abilities but doesn’t really feel like learning them). He was sent here for angering Filbercio as well, but most importantly, he’s gonna join the party.

The trick to escaping Freedom is actually collaboration so you need Stefano to be able to get through a specific room with two levers that needs to be pushed at the same time. Shortly before that though, you get your first run in with Lorthodon (which change one his men into a skeletal dragon to kill you) but most importantly – you finaly get the Black Sword back since losing it at the beginning of the game.

After that you get to what is probably the major area of the dungeons – which are just very smart puzzles. Everything is hinted so you need to do some careful thinking to get it done. It looks like some sort of prison area with a caretaker having a small intstruction scrolls about what to do and no to do… so you need for instance to feed a rabbit, or guide a lady to a horse. The end being that it opens you the door southward to continue your adventure.

Very smart!

Except this was of course the area were I got stuck. *grumble*

The rest of the dungeons is rather straigthforward – you do have to build a stair with crates at one point, but other that you easily get to the end of Freedom… and Lorthodon!

As it turns out, the crazy warlock is unvulnerable and impossible to kill by your own means. This leaves you with only one choice: freeing Arcadion from the Black Sword so that he can destroy him.

And after that: freedom! The real freedrom this time. You’re back at the courthouse in Moonshade, and Stefano leaves your party happy to have been freed thanks to you.

So I wonder what my companions have been up to during this time…

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