Row row row your boat…

And so here I was at the inn of the Sleeping Bull. The place is referenced as a village my multiple peoples, but it’s a bit of a stretch considering this village is basically one big inn with a few tiny houses that also serves as rooms.

Ths pace has other secrets too, but we’ll see about this later.

It’s a nice place to visit with quite a few people to talk to, notably a a bard named Byrin from which you’ll learn that the Serpent Isle really is Shamino’s former kingdom (boy that certainly must have been a shock to him!) and a nice and friendly lady called Selina.

Sleeping Bull is also THE way to get passage to Moonshade and the Isle of Beyond. Alas the only captain available, Hawk, has been imprisoned by the Monitorian knight in a nearby tower who asks for a ridiculously high fine.

Selina does come up with a solution and ask that you join her to a strange haunted building that replaced the Serpent Isle lighthouse after a teleport storm. So she joins your party – she is actually very weak, being only Level 1, and will desert if you go anywhere but you’re meant to or is hurt too much in battle. She does however start a nice tradition of Serpent Isle which are temporary companions.

One point of note, on the way to this building there is a ruined haunted house populated with ghosts that just don’t attack you. Double clicking on them usually lead to a discussion with Chaos Hieorophant… which made no sense at this point of game and could severly screw your game later on.

Upon reaching the building it was quite fun to notice… that this was actually Britain’s Royal Mint! Well I never did loot it during Ultima VII, so it’s no time I guess…

This place was filled with creatures but I managed to loot it with no problem… alas on our way back to Sleeping Bull, we got attack by a huge group of warrios! Selina escaped, scared, and said we’d meet back at the inn… but upon killing the warriors it appears they had been payed by Batlin to find and kill me.

Of course: no trace of Selina back at the inn. She had obviously been behind all this. You see Selina is actually Selenne – Lydia’s sisters and is in league with Batlin. Whoops, heh?

But with some gold bars to offers, I was now able to pay the fine for Hawk. As a way of thanking me, the old pir… err sailor agreed to take be to the Moonshade.

But the journey got a tad dangerous!

It shall be pointed that this is the only travel on a real boat you’ll do in the whole game and you can’t control it. You see due to the nature of the U7 engine, it wasn’t possible to have basements or undergrounds… so the SI developpers decided to cut boat travel from the game, in order to use all the sea water area of the map to build these undergrounds. A wise decision in any case, but I digress…

After a while , the ship crashed on the shore of Moonshade, leaving us all dizzy but fine.

A new town await… but alas new dangers…

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