Tombs and Liches…

My next travel took me into the Tomb of Praecor Loth.

Loth was a great warlord who log resisted the Guardian and his armies, until he was alas killed and entombed with his followers, no living as a ghost, unaware of his own undead state.

Interestingly enough: the Black Gem and the Guardian’s place of power are hardly the point of this world, for in truth they lie just next to the entrance and can be found in but a few second. But of course things are not so easy since you need to get through the Tomb and find Praecor Loth in order to get his Horn – the only object which might possibly allows you to break the Blackrock Dome than imprisons Castle Britannia. (and to use it… you need a lot of breath, see what I mean?)

The tombs are basically a pretty neat dungeon. The second level is just tomb where Loth’s wife beg you to help his husband. The third feels more like a labyrinth with lots of twists, traps, levers… altough there exist a more direct way providing you have the needed spell. (Which I had so I didn’t linger…)

The last level however faces you with three powerful liches – which were the personal guard of Praecor Loth. Of course being the mighty Avatar that I am, they posed no threat and soon rejoined true death.

This lead be to Praecor Loth, which I simply had to convince that he was dead. Being the good lad that he is, he gave me his horn. Neat heh?

So all in all this world was fun but went pretty fast. The gem has been merged with the big one of course… which now leaves me with the final (and weirdest) world: the Ethereal Void!

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