Castle Britannia is freed from the Blackrock Dome!

After 35 Days of Imprisonment, Sergorn a Level 15 Mage has saved Britannia again!

With the Gem ready for destruction all I needed now was a Djinn inside of me. So I returned to Zoranthus in the Pits of Carnage who gave me the Djinn bottle in exchange for the scepter I had found in the Ethereal Void.

However getting the Djinn actually inside me is a bit more tricky since I first had to get to the Ice Cavernes and put Basilisk Oil in mud rich with filanium. Then I needed to to bath in the mud to get it all over my body, after what I had to walk on lava to make the whole thing bake and solid (Note: getting back to the castle in these state can actually lead to a couple of funny comments by some of the characters).

After that I headed to the place of the ritual in the Void, cast an Iron Flesh spell to protect me and bashed the Djiin Bottle to open it:

And there it was: an Avatar with the power of Djinn breath in it! Yay!

All in all a very intricate quest, isn’t it?

Now getting back come with a nasty surprise: soliders from Killorn Keep in Britannia! This is the point where the Guardian real plan is revealed: sending troops through the Gem to conquer Britannia, starting by destroying its ruling body!

I quickly dispatched them however… and headed to Killorn to see what was happening. As it turns out the Guardian’s “Avatar” – Mors Gotha was there to plan the invasion of Britannia. I wasted no time and went to face her. Funnily enough she trise to convince you to join her and the Guardian – but of course should you accept, she betrays and attack you. I beated her and got her spellbook, but she escaped, leaving with lot of people angry at me. So I did a… strategic retreat, since after all I don’t want to kill everyone in the Keep.

With Mors Gotha’s Spellbook, Nystul now had everything needed to break the Dome. The end was near… but Mors Gotha attacked the Castle directly. This time however, she wasn’t so lucky.

So I head to the throne room and use the Horn of Praecor Loth.

And the Blackrock Dome finally shattered… saving all the inhabitants of the castle.

Well that was one hell of a ride! I know I say that a lot, but it’s Ultima! What can I say?

One thing for certain is that even after all these years, I still consider Underworld II to be one of my favorite Ultima games.

One thing for certain too, is that after all these years, it still has one of the shitties ending I’ve ever seen in a videogame and indeed – in an Ultima game. I do remember that after finishing the game the first time, I felt incredibly underwhelmed to have spend over a year on this game… to be rewarded with THIS.

But on the whole, it is a minor flaw considering the brillance of the game on the whole.

Now it’s time to leave Britannia behind, and set sail for this mysterious place called the Serpent Isle…

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