All of this to play Q-Bert?!

The Ethereal Void.

The place where all mysteries are found.

The place at the Nexus of all realities.

And the place where all the people of the Multiverse join to play Q-Bert.

Because as crazy as it sounds: it IS the point of the Ethereal Void in this game. You need to to play Q-Bert till you get the proper color (orange) to get to the Shrine of Spirituality where the Gem and the Source of Power for the Guardian is.

To say this is crazy is an understatement and the whole area suggest consumption of odd susbtances by Looking Glass at the time.

The basic idea is that the Void has four areas, each represented by one color: Yellow, Blue, Red and Purple. Each is reachable by a Moongate of the same color and basically give you a small otherworldly dungeon area where you need to reach a another Moongate that gets you back to the Q-Bert area, and opens a new color. Once all color are done: you can get the orange color and go the Shrine.

And people complain about the believability of Ultima IX’s dungeons? 😛

Yellow and blue are rather straigthforward and are basically even easier if you use the Flying spell to get over the cumbersome area. And of course: I did!

Red is a bit harder as it involes killing a lot of deamons and fire elementals. And it also gets you the sceptre you need to get back to Zoranthus.

Purple is just FREAKY – and ends up making you play in a dungeon with matchsticks mens and akalabelth kind of graphics.

Were Looking Glass still open – I would recommend having some blood test done on the people there.

Once I had done the areas, I was of course granted access to the Shrine of Spirituality. Except the developpers being the masochists they are… teleport you right oustide the Shrine of Spirituality, which is just not accessible like this. And of course: the gem is inside, right where the Time Lord was in Ultima VII!

Fortunately, I had already thought up of everything – you see using a dream plant found in some of the worlds and sleeping, make you dream of the Shrine – and specifically inside of it. You can’t take anything in your inventory, but… you can take the gem and throw it out of the Shrine so that you can get it back later.

Which I had already did!

So having now the last gem in hand, I left the Void and go back to Nystul. He treated the gem and here it went with the big one which started shining. With all gems done, and all places of power cut… the end was drawing near.

Now all I need to do is get my Djinn from Zoranthus.


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