Two worlds and a funeral…

So I now set out to my next world.

The second world I happend to come was the flying Killorn Keep. Yes. A flying keep (not that you can really see it flying but…).

The funny thing about Killorn Keep is that it is basically a grotesque and twisted version of Castle Britannia. So the layout of the Keep is very similar to Lord British’s castle and it evens have his own King called Lord Thibris (which funnily enough kind of look like the Ultima IX version of Ultima IX) which is basically as useless as Lord British and keep rambling on his old aventures.

The area is not really big on the whole, since it has just the castle level, and a smaller underground – but nice enough to explore.

The important aspect of Killorn Keep however is Altara – which is one of the most important character of the game as she will give the Avatar a means to cut the Guardian’s power from his worlds. I’m not quite there yet though, I just had to kill an nasty imp hidding in Lord British’s sewers first.

After that I went and get the Black Gem in the the Keep sublevel, and had Nystul power it to use it on the Gem.

Onward to the third world then!

Which is… the Ice Cavernes of the old Anodonus.

These caves are pretty nice – the area is bigger and it is filled with dangerous monsters such as Yeti and Snow Leopards. The gem is very easy to find, but the purpose of this area is actually to find the renmants of the lost city of Anodonus, which had been destroyed by the Guardian for daring defying him.

Funny enough: the first time I played the game I didn’t got there was an hidden city there so I was kind of a loss as to what to do really. But well, youth and all…

Alas there is not much to do yet in the lost city, so I returned to Britannia.

Upon my return to the Castle however, grim news awaited. The Lady Tory had been murdered, which kind of put everyone on edge. I wonder who might have done this hmmm?

Alas there was no time to grieve – for more world awaits me, and even more dangers.

What can I say? An Avatar has little time to rest…

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