Troll + Goblins = ?

So my adventures in the actual Labyrinth of Worlds have finally started, beginning with the Prison Tower.

This is tower exists on another world where a war between the leading Goblin forces (which serves the Guardian) and the human rebeles. We know little of its background besides that, since this is of course impossible to exit to tower per se.

This world is 8 level long, altough there are all very small, giving the sense that… well it is a tower that goes upward rather than big level sprawling a lot of ground.

Now the purpose for each world it to basically explore them all, a find a small blackrock gem that you can later use on the bigger Gem in Britannia’s sewers after Nystul has treated them. Of course you don’t know quite that at this point, but you figure it out soon enough.

The Prison Tower however is a marvel of game design because (for its time) it offers numerous possibilities to comlete it: you can pretend to be a kitchen servant and and goblin allies to get through through everything in a breeze, you can go gun (or rather sword) blazing and kill all the goblins in your way. Or you can free a troll prisoner… which will kill all the goblins in the tower for you. Or you can mix all of these together.

Personally I do it this way: I pass the first level be presenting the kitcen voucher, then I pretty to be a goody friend to the Goblins until I reach their leader – at which point I act as if I am an envoy of the Guardian sent to interogate the human prison Bishop – which was the resistance leader. After that I get to Bishop, get the gem, free him… and then free the troll who becomes my new best friends and kill all those nasties goblins.

Neat heh?

This is of course only one way to solve it, but really by favorite (especially since wel… it offers a lot of free loot).

So after that I returned to Castle Britannia and spread news of my adventures leading to many new dialogues.

You see one thing of note is that the Castle really serves as sort of a central hub – as such whenever you come back from a world (or after specific triggers) new dialogues conversations will appear, or events might happen in the Castle. Giving a sense that this is not just about a linear exploration of these worlds.

Now having come back to the Gem and used the small one upon it, two new worlds are now open to me. Note that while the opening of the worlds is somewhat linear – there is however however travel back and forth to be done between the worlds, makind the game not as linear as one might think.

I wonder what will come up next?

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