Two down, one to go…

I shall get thee Guardian!

On a side note – I forgot to mention that upon my travels to Yew I recruited my last party member: Tseramed. He is a companion unique to Ultima VII (which is based on the likeness of programmer Ken Demarest III), which has a nice personality and background and well – just contribute to the charm of Yew’s area which is also why I’ve always taken him inside my party rather than some other traditionnal companions like Katrina or Julia.

So in any case, following my outburst at Lord British which unfortunately didn’t lead to an act of Regicide, I returned to the Dungeon Despise. Well it’s a big a word since I didn’t get inside the dungeon the first time – merely to the entrance to get the Magic Carpet that was laying outside.

Exploring Despise does showcase one of the major issue of Ultima VII. They’re very small. And they’re not that interesting to begin with. Despise basically consists of fireballs casting from walls you can not avoid (note: this is why Ultima VIII is better in a way) and teleporters thave move you randomly throughougt the Dungeon.

Ironically I wanted to explore all of Despise this time… remembering there is a NPC in there. But I got unwillingly teleported to the area with the Sphere.

So that’s what I did: I went to the Sphere!

Alas the Sphere was protected by a Moongate which just teleported be back earlier in the Dungeon. So consulting the Time Lord brought be to understand that I needed a magical hourglass from my crazy olf mage friend Nicodemus. Alas he had sold the hourglass to an antique shop in Paws (I bought it back) and he could ne re-enchant it due to the Ether being screwed.

Since the Time Lord suggested waking up Penumbra in Moonglow… well I first when to Vesper since it was on the way and also where Elizabeth and Abraham (which just happens to be heading to Moonglow after that!) were last headed. Vesper is kind of an interesting city because it’s only dual human/gargoyle city in the land. Which means there is basically a lot of racism and hatred between the two races, and this makes you feel perhaps the Gargoyle will end up going far away in an Underwater city or something… but more about that in a few games. Admitedly the whole thing is a tad heavy handed and just very subtle, but interesting none the less.

After that I did went to Moonglow. Quested around a bit… and got to Penumbra.

Ahh Penumbra. Now this is an interesting thing. You see Penumbra has put herself into a magical sleep since Ultima VI and legend say only the Avatar can wake her. You need to put some specific items next to a plaque giving it before her door to open it – not too hard, altough I kind of lost my proficiency at rune reading.

The thing about Penumbra is that the first time I played the game: I woke her up the first I got to Moonglow. Big mistake because it completly breaks the plot since the game assume you would not wake her without having first being asked to do so. So here you go mentionning the Time Lord, Nicodemus and the Hourglass without having seen them.

Yep, that’s bad design.

(Note that in term of bad designs Moonglow also offers the Fellowship poisoning quest which is unsolvable due tu usecode bugs. Whoops.)

Penumbra mentioned another generator – A Tetrahedron this time – in Dungeon Deceit. But I first needed the Ethereal Ring she had given to Lord Draxinusom, kind of the Gargoyles.

So I went to Terfin. Which was nice since Elizabeth & Abraham were supposedely there too! (But or course they had JUST left for the Meditation Retreat near Serpent’s Hold…).

Now Terfin is another interesting area and yet again prefigure some of stuff we’ll see in Ultima IX (and here I thought this game didn’t take ANYTHING from Ultima VII into account!). Interestingly I also managed to solve for the first time in my life the Altar/Fellowship quest – I always thought it had no resolutions before.

But in any case the ring. Alas my Gargoyle friend had sold it to the Sultan of Spektran (which is the isle where Sutek was in Ultima V, and Hawkins’ cave was in Ultima VI). So I went to Spektran, which had a crazy Sulta with an imaginary harem, and a vault with the ring inside, guarded by a Stone Harpy.

Which lead be to cheating a second time, because you see: the Stone Harpy was unkilable. I tried everything: weapons, magic and nothing did any damage. So this is getting really annoying in terme of bugs.

So basically I used the hack mover *again*, removed the Door and got the ring.


After having Penumbra enchant the Ring, I now headed the Dungeon Deceit. Comments made about Despise’s size apply there too.

So I rapidely ended up at the Tetrahedron.

Thanks to the Ring I could enter it and faced the terrifying creature inside. Which in me memory was so strong I always used a Glass Sword to kill it.

Except it was no match for my Black Sword-er and maxed out Avatar.

With the Tetrahedron gone, I could finally get Nicodemus to enchant the Hourglass (and also all mages in Britannia to stop talking nonsense) and get back to the Sphere and enter it, where I had a simple Moongate puzzle to solve.

And thus died the Sphere.

Alas destroying the Sphere, while it freed the Time Lord, kind of rendered all the Moongates inoperable, meaning I could not go back to Earth unless using the Black Gate. Meh.

Of course there also was a last generator to destroy: the Cube that supposedly lies at the Fellowship’s retreat near Serpent’s Hold. Funny how thing goes, heh?

Two down, one to go!

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