Trust thy worthiness in thy brother’s Unity!

Or… something like that now, is it?

In any case, now armed with brand new magical weapons, I went down through the test of Courage. Alas the big Dragon at the end proved to be unkillable without yet another more powerful weapon.

Which thus lead me to doing the thing that gave this add-on its name – forging the Shade Blade or as it would more often be called, the Black Sword.

Note that is actually something fun to do: you need to heat the blade, hammer it on the anvil and put it into the water afterward. Isn’t it really cool?

Now of course this wasn’t enough, so I had to bind the evil deamon Arcadian which laid in the mirror to my Sword to make it work. Which means I am now tied forever to an Evil Sword that I can’t drop or else it is magically back in my hand.

Good enough for me!

With my new blade in hand, I returned to the Dragon.

And well my pet deamon destroyed it with his powers. Isn’t he nice?

Having now all the three talismans, I was able to send back Exodus’ Dark Core into the Void, much in the same way I did with the Codex two hundred years ago.


Now all that was left was getting back to Lord British to get my reward.

Now… you see I love Forge of Virtue. It’s a great add-on which has pretty awesome gameplay quests and a neat story with awesome ties to Ultima III.

But it really DO spoil the whole game. I mean after the Isle of Fire your Avatar is maxed to 30 in every stats, combat and magic. And Lord British rewards you by doubling your Strength (and thus HPs). Knowing you also have the most powerful weapon of the game with the black sword.

In other words: it’s pretty much God Mode from now on.

So it was time to get back to the main quest.

But first I head to Jhelom because as it happens it was were Elizabeth and Abraham were, but most importantly: I wanted Dupre in my party. So I recruited Dupre and solved that banner quest (which is actually nice in that it’s one of the rare that does offer multiple way to resolve it!). But most importantly I confronted DeSnell about the Serpenine Dagger found at the crime scene in Minoc.

Now I hate the resolution of this “quest” because it basically makes no sense. All you do is show a dagger to DeSnell, he just says it has been stolen a while back… and attacks you, you kill him, nobody cares. The end.

This is just dumb, since really DeSnell has no reason to try to kill the Avatar since his version of the events is plausible. Now considering you do hear later in game if you have the Cube that DeSnell was the first assassin of the Fellowship, THEN it would have been a good point to have this subquest solved. Oh well…

Now that I had Dupre, I decided to finally get to that abandonned dungeon of Destard to get the hidden Fellowship funds. But… no funds in there just LOADS of Dragons (and no trace of the Abyss’ inhabitants either…). Was this a trap like the strange voice in my head (which sounds suspiciously like the Guardian) warned me when I entered? Could that nice and friendly Batlin bloke had wanted me dead?

But maybe not, I mean I AM the Avatar, so who cares about Dragons? And beside there was also a loot of loot, money, gems, gold bars, gold nuggets. So I killed every thing in there and got all the loot.

I went back to Britain, and informed Batlin that alas there was no trace of the Fellowship funds in the chest (well… it is true, I found a LOT of money – it just was not the funds of the Fellowship) and loads of monsters. The poor lad was very sorry, and said I would be welcome amongst the Fellowship tonight.

In the meantime I went and sold all my loot.

Rich is good.

(After all there is nothing in the Eight Virtues saying you can’t have a lot of money).

So it was 9 PM and I went to be intronized into the Fellowship by Batlin after answering a couple of copy protection questions.

So here I am, now able to SPY on them muahahaha!

Now let me say one thing though: I think the way this ceremony goes is a bit silly. Iolo, Shamino and Dupre each try to talk you out out doing this folly. But really – shouldn’t the Avatar share with his companions that he is only joining the Fellowship in order to learn their true nature and not out of love for their pilosophy?

Oh well…

Now a happy member of the Fellowship, I am now heading straight to Yew (and on foot… while I did get the Magic Carpet, somehow I just enjoy walking around) to get to see my old friends the Wisps…

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