What is THAT doing in a Britannian field?

I mean that crazy Kilrathi ship!

Of course I gotta admit that this is probably one of the most awesome easter egg in videogame history, so heh, it certainly deserved a mention AND a screen!

So I have now begun my quest against the Guardian in Ultima VII.

Now can I say that I’m just not very fond of Ultima VII’s introduction? I mean really in the end it has too many holes in logic… the Guardian appearing just so that you get to the Moongate which is already, the Avatar NOT taking his Orb of the Moon and so on… it feels to me the introduction was put together without giving much thought to its content really.

Also, I’m gonna flamed for this but I’ll say it, Bill Johnson really sounds terrible in this introduction – and really in most of Ultima VII, as if he didn’t really put his best into the voice until the next games. For me the only line where he DOES sounds like the Guardian he when he says “aknowledge my authority”.

Oh well…

Trinsic went pretty fast as you can expect. I thought the Christopher murder was a nice quest, and really gruesome – which is always nice! You know, it sounds to me there is something fishy about that Fellowship thing…

In any case I recruited Spark (which is annoying but feels logical at having) and went north to Paws.

Now I really like the idea of having turned into this poor village and such. But becoming adjacent ot Britain, it really is kind of ludicrous when you think of the layout of the maps in previouses games. This came as a tad too much. The venom quest in Paws, is pretty nice as far as design goes, altough the whole holier-than-thou attitude and hypocrisy feels a tad too much for my taste.

I really wish Ferydwin could have come up in this game the same way he does in Ultima Underworld II.

But then, having finished with this, I headed straight to Britain. After a short passage at the Blue Boar to get Shamino, I headed straight to Lord British’s Castle. He of course doesn’t seem to have a clue about anything, altough he did gave me the deed of his ship to go to the Isle of Fire (But we’ll see later about this). The point of coming to Castle Britannia of course was to get my EQUIPMENT because really the game don’t let you start with much. Altough if I may complain, how come I don’t get my own room this time?

But in any case after that came the exploration of Britain. I gotta say for a long time, the exploration of Britain felt painful to me. Really because the city is big. TOO Big I might argue. So the first few times I played it, I tended to get lost, miss a few NPCS, and so on. Now of course – Ultima VII seems ridiculously small by today’s standard, but you have to think back to a 1992 context.

I also used the opportunity to gain a bit of monney by getting mutton at the market and selling it for more at the castle. Mesa luuuve commerce!

To be fair, there isn’t much interesting to do in Britain in terme of quests, altough I did get Sentri into my party as usuall. I like the poor lad!

So having now finished Britain, I am making my way east toward Cove… and then toward Yew in order to follow Chuckles’ clue.


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