The Slasher of the Veils has been banished!

Ans thus, after a mere 12 days into the Abyss, have I banished the Evil Slasher of the Veils from out plane.

What can I say? Heroes waste no time!

I was already pretty close to the end yesterday, so as I suspected it didn’t took that long to finish the game. Level 7 was fairly long to to beat though with lots of twists and turns and some coming up and down necessary to Level 8.

But in the end, I prevailed and beat the evil Wizard Tyball (what sort of a name if Tyball anyway?)

But as it turned out he really was trying to save Britannia in his own self serving ways. So whoops I guess.

Of course I did manage to save the Princess!

But then she left with not even a goodbye kiss! Meh! šŸ˜¦

Now at that was left to me, it banishing the Slasher of the Veils. But for that I needed to get access to the chamber of the Codex and destroy the artefacts of Cabirus in the heart of the volcano.

But first I needed to get the three part key (which involved a lot of going back and forth) and to bury the bones of Garamon (which involved… a lot of that too).

But I did it, and I prevailed. The Slasher of the Veils (which looks suspisiously like the Arcadion portrait in Serpent Isle actually) was banished in the Ethereal Void… with me.

Now that was a freaky place, but again… We’ll talk about it more in Underworld II. So I ran for my life, and exited through this green moongate to Britannia.

How come nobody complains about the odd colored Moongates in Underworld by the way? šŸ˜›

But thus here I was… having saved the world once again and I got back home. Did Lord British even HEARD of that quest really?

Side note to Garamon: was moving the settlers of the Abyss to Destard such a good idea? I mean you should know this IS a Dragon’s Lair…

I figure they ended up all being eaten by the time of Ultima VII. Oh well.

So this is it for Underworld. This was a nice romp, and I really look forward to get to Underworld II… but of course I need first to face the Guardian the first time in Ultima VII: The Black Gate!


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