OMG! Pac Man!

Or the first sign that… you know, there is something wrong with the guys at Looking Glass.

But we should expand more upon that when reaching Ultima Underworld II.

But yes: Pac Man! You see there a part on Level 5 of The Abyss… which is called a mine is reachable by a teleporter… and basically you need to get blue nuggets while walking over them, and being chased with ghost.

I mean seriously ? 😛

But in any case – things have been going well. As I am now almost finished with Level 6 of the Abyss and have found the eight talisman of Sir Cabirus. Which also means I have the best sword and Shield and the game (in addition to a full plate armor I got from the Knights of Crux Ansata after joining them) and infinite light. Yay!

It’s still great fun, but the downside is that I’m not getting near the end of the civilized areas, since from what I remember the later levels offers little in terme of NPCs.

I am on the whole not too far from the end of the game. Still a few hours (and a tiny bit of backtracking), but most of it is behind it.

It’s a nice ride but I gotta to admit I am looking forward to finish it, because I am just very eager to get started with the Guardian Saga…

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