How to build a metal body?


More questions I tell ya!

So here I was back in Elysion and since I already helped with growing a body, the Martian Leader agreed to give me access to the Dream Machine and free the humans bodies in exchange for my promise to help them.

So here I was: back in dream land!

As I said, very Ethereal Void-ish eh? So there were no Martians in this section of the Dream World only four poor earthling to save from their Nightmare. This went easy enough, but I most definitly has to point to this peculiar NPC you encounter in a strange horse bidding contest:

That’s right! It’s Smith! Good ‘ol Smith. And he as clue… regarding to both Savage Empire *and* Ultima VI (since he wasn’t in Savage Empire) which is just really awesome. Of course the issue is that you only get the clue if you buy Smith, and have to buy another horse to finish the quest.

I wonder if that is the reason Smith is so pissed against the Avatar in Ultima VII?

But in any case here I was: I had freed all the terrans from the Dream Land, so I returned to the Martian leader who want on and go all their bodies back to the 1893 expedition’s members.

One point of note though: if the Elysium and Argyre martians had taken possessions of the terrans, and the Hellas ones were still in the dream-grove. What of the Olympus martians whose machine has been destroyed by Jack Segal?

Whoops – plot hole!

But in any case with the terrans freed I could now get back to fixing the north lenses lenses and get water running! So I got the lens repaired, and fixed all three towers.

And here I was…

Now I want you to take a special notice of the screen just above. Because you say this is the area that got me stuck for MONTHS (thus leading me to finish Savage Empire before!) the first time I played Martian Dreams.

You see, you need to realign with the proper coordinates. And I had no idea what those were. Now I’m stressing again, this was time without the internet, so you couldn’t just go and consult the walkthrough! In the end I think someone did give me the answere which was (as if I’d know!) to simply enter the hour.

And thus, the ice caps were melted a bit and water came flowing…

Except it’s never enough – and while water was melted it had to be activated at the pumping station… in area inaccessible because of hot steam that just kill my party members.

But you know what would resist such heat?

Yep! A metal body!

Thankfully enough, melting the icecape also opened the access to the lab were an other martian were working on a indestrucible body for the Martian to use instead of their plant ones. After getting an azurite from Olympus, I activated to body and brought it to Hellas, where the martian lass Chsheket agreed to try to transfer her soul in it.

Thus Shamino… err Sherman decided to leave my party while Chsheket joined instead in order to try if this body works fine. But first I got back to the pumping station and had her activate the gears there.

And this water was back flowing in the canals of Mars, and its boats were open to me!

But things are not quite finished yet – because Chsheket looks a bit conspicuous in her metal body and we need to find a way to make her look more humans. Sarah Berhnart has a way of making a pigment but she need Rouge Berries from Argure which is unaccessible.

So in the meantime I went back to the Syrtis Major mines and I’m in the process of transfering iron ore to finish construction of the space canon to Earth.

The adventure continues…

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