Home sweet home!

And thus after a long adventure did I finally destroyed the evil Raxachk, saved the Martians and brought everyone back to Earth!

Now as I mentionned I was bringing the iron to the Olympus mines in order to finish the canon. Alas… I was a moron and didn’t put enough iron ore in my cart… so I had to travel way back to the other mine with the barge, get more ore, and come back.

I complain a lot about backtracking in this game… but heh… I guess this is my own fault here.

The canon could now be completed but we needed the fuel to get it working… and of course it HAD been stolen by the evil Rasputin… which was in turn not trully evil, rather just possessed by he evil Raxachk.

So it was time to get to Argyre and blow its heavy metal doors open with a Canon Barge. So I lead my huge barge there… and found out it didn’t fit. Meh. So I had to get a smaller barge with canons (which tanksfully was not far from Argyre) and then I got there and fired.

To no avail.

Because regular canon balls can not do a dent in the doors. Meh. So I had to get back all the way to Olympus to get Steel canon balls made.

And then: BAM!

Good bye door!

So I talked a bit with everyone there, notably Rasputin/Raxachk which revealed to me his evil plans: he had hidden the fuel in the deam world and any attempt to bring it back would destroy both Mars and the Dream World. Neat heh?

So for now I merely just took the Rouge Berries and had the pigment made for my martian friends.

Chsheket sure looks beter like this heh?

Now I got back to Argyre to deal with Rasputin… and found out nearly all humans were killed and he had fled into the Dream World, intent on destroying everything. So I followed him there and got ready to face my own nightmare…

The Shadowlords!

Now this was a really awesome and unexpected event of Martian Dreams. The return of Ultima V’s nemesis. Now of course, this is only a dream – so they’re not actually real (I mean at that point in time they’re actually Red, Big and Destroying Worlds) but it was still really cool. Some fans objects to the fact that Martian Dreams make them speaks, but I think this is actually pretty cool. After all there is no evidence in U5 that they could not speak if they’d want to.

The concept of the part of the game is motly like the other dream sequences, except you face your own dreams and are confronted to a Virtue Choice. And this is just really cool and reminds of some similar quests in Serpent Isle.

After facing the Shadowlords, I could now face the evil Raxachk which made me fight for his amusement against creatures before laughing at how he was unacessible in an indestructible room and I could no nothing.

Yeah well… alas for him I’m a guy from the future and imagined a neafty M60 machinegun from dream stuff.

And then as they say… it’s HASTA LA VISTA, BABY!

So I got the fuel back into the real world, which had began quacking a lot. Meaning the whole martian surface is being ravaged, erasing any trace of martian civilisation. Which explains why there is no trace of it from 20th century explorations. (Well thought up heh? I actually imagined a similar scenario with Edgard’s Rice Burrgous John Carter of Mars long ago….)

Now I just had to get back to Olympus (thank you transporter tube!) and get the fuel back to Mr Canergie.

And then it was good bye Mars, hello Earth, and a hero’s welcome!

Well what to say? Martian Dreams is a still remain an awesome game. While I don’t quite have the same patience I used to for certains aspects (backtracking ugh…) it sure was fun.

And taken into context I love how this game basically prefigures a lot of things to appear in the best upcoming Ultima game: Serpent Isle.

But for now it’s time for lil’ trip back to Britannia’s most infamouse dungeon: the Stygian Abyss!

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