Unlimiteeeed Poweeerrrrrr!

Well okay, maybe not THAT much, but at least I’ve got power back online on Mars which is good.

But first thing first.

So I finally got into Olympus and talked a bit with the non-Martian locales and found out quite a bit about the Martian locations and notably about a power station I need to fix in order to get power back online. But first I climbed the Olympus mount in order to get a camera from some dead guy which had an important photo on it.

It also overed a pretty nice view of the new Space Cannon being built there!

After that I explored the Olympus Mine where I was looking for a lad named Jean, the brother of some Masonic guy guarding the broken Olympus dream machine. I did found the guy, but alas he was dead

So all that was left to me was bringing the news to his brother (who happily let me in, altough there isn’t much I can do there for now).

Afterward I decided to explore around Hellas a bit to talk to Mad Marcus there, who thought me some nice thinks about talking to objects thanks to magical berry (and it actually… works!), until I finally set out for the power station.

Upon arriving I found out two martian robots and learned that the conveyor belt used to carrying coal, has been broken for a while – hence the lack of power in the martian installations. So I had to take the broken belt, having looked by that Trippet guy in Olympus and then get back to the power station.

Note that it really one of the moments that make you point one of the biggest flaw of the latest Ultima.


Starting with Ultima VI, the guys at OSI somehow decided that respawn in Ultima should consist of having the exact same kind of monster respawning at the exact same place every time as soon as you get out of view. This okay most of the time, but can honestly gets annoying when you need to do a lot of back and forth (which you HAVE to in Martian Dreams).

And this is alas an issue that will stay right up till Ultima IX.

But I digress.

In any case I was back at the power station and after putting some coal into the furnace, the robots took it up from there.

But that was not all – you see energy is transfered from the power station through huge towers than transmit it – but alas their cables had been damaged. Which meant I had to repair them… with a new set of cable, pliers, and ruber gloves.

Which means wearing ruber gloves and then using the player on the cable, and then on the tower. Lot of interactivity there, heh ?

But at least this was it: power is back on Mars! Which means more doors that can open, working bridges and most importantly working teleporter tubes which should lead to a tad less walking.

Next step: getting those water canals filled again and buying a lot of ammo thanks to this unlimited oxium found in the power station…


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