Eodon is saved from those nasty ants!

Which means I can get back home and rest (or not considering how exciting my Avatar’s life is!)

So as I mentioned it yesterday, due to this nasty bug I decided to go back and do the two big remaining quests: the rescue of Aiela and the ancient Kotl city.

The first part went pretty fast – I had already learned where the hidden Urali tribe one, and upon arrival (and carefully avoiding of a nasty T-Rex thanks to sea turtles) I made a deal with the Shaman there: save the statue of their spirit Fabozz, kill Darden (the bad guy who had captured Aiela) and he’ll join him.

So I did! I first headed to the Fabozz statue which was in cave northward – I had to kill a couple of tribesmen, but thanks to a good photography I freed the statue and sent it back outside (It’s MAGIC you know!) Note that there was a point of doing it: by freeing the statue the Uralis all became friendly with me, so I could now travel freely. I know went to the southern cave and freed Aiela – which gave a the lovely hero kiss I deserve:

I then wacked the nasty Darden, and so Aiela was free and both Urali and the Kurak had joined my insecticide association.

The next step is a tad more complicated, but doable since I had all I required. I need to get inside the ancient Kotl City where Dr Johann Spector (modeled after Warren Spector himself) had lost his mind and became an evil Foozle. That required a big Gem to make the entrance appear, but Aiela just happened to have it in her inventory. Nice heh ?

Then came the exploration of the ruined City, which started by repairing an Automaton (no, not a Serpent Isle one), and then finding weapons to fight the Myrmydex and the generators to free Spector from his madness. This part of the game is a bit annoying due to the fact that some part of the city feel like a maze, but also pretty nice because it allows to get powerful weapons against the Myrmydex.

After finding the generators and destroying the control panel, my Automaton friend was destroyed as well as the city, and Spector (which had recovered his sanity) joined my group, thus making my party complete. This also meant the Nahuatla were freed from tyranny and as such had joined my union! Yay!

So now I returned to my T-Rex boulder, hoping to have the bug resolved. And much to my surprise it was! No more stuck caracter, no more party horse… it appears that having a full party can circumvent and prevent this nasty bug to happens which is good.

At that point, I know had united the whole tribes and was ready for the final battle. So I headed to Drum Hill and called the reunion, ready to kick some ant’s butt.

(Between this and Ultima VI and its ant mound, one has to wonder – did Origin had some issues with Ants?)

The myrmydex cave is unfortunately not a great example of game design: basically consisting of boring rocky cave with many monsters to kill (well… I guess it IS like the U6 Ant Mound!). After a bit of exploring I did come in front of the evil Ant Queen, which was well… damn ugly.

I have got to wonder though: have I lost an Eight here?

Behind the Queen, laid the goal of my Quest: the gitantic ruined Moonstone which created this mess in the first place. A couple of attacks and it was gone!

And such ended my quest in Eodon. The tribesmen celebrated happy to be freed from the evil creatures… but my king appeared to me, telling me I need to get back home cos’ you know, he just MIGHT need my help. So I had to bid farewell to my beloved Aiela. 😦

I mean forget about Nastassia, Raven or Frigidazzi. All true fans know it: Aiela WAS the Avatar’s one true love!

And so here I was, leaving Eodon behind through my good ol’ Red Moongate… Farewell my friends!

But this was not the end of my adventures with Dr. Johann Spector as I would soon find out on some odd planet called Mars…

For indeed this will be my next step: Martian Dreams!

In any case, while I have to say Savage Empire was much shorter than I remembered, it was one hell of a ride – while note amongst my favorite Ultima games, it most definitly is a great game.

I know that many people missed it but I can’t stress it enough: if you call yourself an Ultima fan you ought to play it a least once in your life because you won’t regreat it!

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