What the hell is that horse doing in my party?

And no, it’s not Smith!

My quest for uniting the tribes is going well most of the smaller tribes have joined and all that’s basically left to be are the two bigger quest the Kurak/Urali one, and the Nahuatla one. Except I had one other left before that, the quest given by the Sakkhra lizardmen.

You see, there is an evil T-Rex threatening them, so I have to kill him. The way to proceed is simple.

As you can guess, the basic idea is to send this big rock falling upon the T-Rex, thus killing it. The process is simplye really: all you need to do is use a grenade!

Ultima with grenades? Yes indeed! You see crafting in Savage Empire allows you to create primitive grenade by creating gun power and then putting it in a hard clay pot. It can serves as a weapon of course, but will also come in handy for some quests such as this one. So I used my grenade and there it was…

There: a T-Rex burger!

But seems I stumbled unto a (known but) severe bug which I never encoutered before. I was solo-ing with Shamuru (*) at that time, and just couldn’t get back to the party of any other character – the game said I couldn’t do that while sailing. So what the?!

So I reloaded and rekilled the T-Rex without soling… and then I noticed the issue: Shamura dissapeared from my group, not following me anymore. I can’t do anything more with the character – he’s stuck and when talking to him, he asks BOTH as if he were in and out of my party, so I can’t have him join or leave. I tried having him leave before… but that just lead to another character suffering the same fate.

So I thought, okay let’s try to cheat the game and let my Avatar die – this way I’ll get back to the original village and get my stuck companion back, hopefully.

And instead I got this:

A horse! I got a freaking horse as companion! So I can’t talk to him, he has no portraits, I can’t remove him… and he serves as party member, with stats and inventory. And it’s a horse.

I mean.




So as it is I’ve reloaded my game and decided to go and do the two big remaining quests and finish with this one, with the hope that it’ll work properly, but I’m not too optimistic about this. Hopefully this will not be preventing me to finish the game.

If all goes well, I suspect I will have finished it by tomorrow night in any case – this will not have been long, but Savage Empire is a pretty short game, albeit a great work.

(*) On a side note I must say one of my main issue in the end with Savage Empire is the whole Triolo, Dokray, Shamuru plotline – you see these characters appears to be your old friends Iolo, Shamino and Dupré who have somehow gotten themselves in Eodon with a blank memory, but this doesn’t lead anywhere. Oh well.

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