The Codex is back in the Ethereal Void…

After one month in ten days, did I complete Ultima VI: The False Prophet and sent the Codex back into the void. Well that was quicker than Ultima V now, was it?

Now doing the three catacombs actually went really quick – it basically took less than a hour to do, and I’m pretty sure it took me longer to write my blogpost yesterday!

So first went to the Shrine of Control. The Shrine of Control is basically focused on puzzle involving levers in order to open various grates… I know this is not a view share by everyone, but I actually enjoy these kind of puzzles personnally and much prefer this to having non-stop hack’n slashing like most RPGs do.

And so here I came in front of the statue of Mondain:

Now I gotta say the idea to bring back the Triad of Evil as guardians of the Gargoyle’s Virtue is actually just brillant and helps to bring stronger ties to Age of Darkness trilogy. Even though I wasn’t fond of the Avatar retcon at the time, it still felt interesting even then and the developpers really throught well about how to integrate the personalities of the bad guys with the Gargoyle’s philsophies.

After learning the Mantra of Control, I then got to the Shrine of Passion (just for information: I actually walked there!). This one was easier because it has no puzzles of any kind – so it basically consisted of going to Minax’s statue and talk to her then get back.

Now of course there wa the issue of the many deamons there, but I just went quick and avoided them. Two mantras done, one to go!

The last one was of course the Shrine of Diligence. The Shrine of my nightmare… the Shrine that got me stuck for years on the Atari ST. Diligence is basically a bit maze of room looking all the same with doors on each sides. The whole thing is actually kind of a trap because it tends to get you to go and open each door and look into each room, while in fact you need to find a secret passage in one of the corridors which lead you to the second level upward where Exodus is.

As you can see, yes I was invisible because the area was ROMAING with Deamons – so I basically got myself invisible and solo’ed to Exodus to avoid the beasties.

Now I was time to get back to the Shrine of Singularity (with more ballooning of course…) where my quest was sacralized.

Which allowed me to pass the Gigantic Guardiands guarding the Codex.

And so here I was in front of the Codex ready to send it back to the Ethereal Void, after having put up all the nessarry items (Lenses and Vortex Cube).

This was the end.

And Lord British was pissed, but then he doesn’t really got a clue, does he? You know I actually kind of wonder what was the message the Codex had written upon it… they could have let us see it!

Now of course, taking into account that the Gargoyles will be moving to Britannia, which means the Shrine of the Codex would have been accessible to them… what really was the point of sending it back to the Void, hmmm?

But in any case this is it for Ultima VI! That really was thrill and an awesome game – and I have to admit that as great as U6P it doesn’t have the same magic the original has for me.

I hoped you enjoyed these journey to Britannia, because we are now gonna back a small disgression by heading to the Avatar’s next adventure in the Valley of Eodon.

So next step: The Savage Empire!

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