On the the Pirate Cave…

It took a while, but I now finally have the 8 map pieces.

So I basically started with Destard. The dragons were dangerous, but by being careful I managed to go through it with not much hassle. Once in the final level however, I decided to play it safe and thus use an invisibility ring to get my characters solo-ing in the level in order to get all the loot and the eggs.

Afterward I got back to Trinsic with the Orb and gave the egg for Sandy in exchange for good information about the pirates and their map pieces.

So I basically started with the easy one: I got the piece from Lord Whitsaber, the one stolen from the Gypsies north of Trinsic since I had already got information from Mrs Moorehead (trivia bit: the first time I played Ultima VI I didn’t know there were Gypsies there and thought I had to get that at Zoltan’s), the one from Morchella in Serpent’s Hold (thankfully I already had a magic shield), the one from the shipwreck south-east of Trinsic and the one from the crazy Hermit on Dagger Isle.

One thing I’ve found funny about this, is how many of these map pieces are found in the Trinsic/Serpent’s Hold area. I guess there are many pirates in those parts.

So in any case, that now left me with the three most annoying ones: those inside actual Dungeons – the one in the Ant Mount, the one in Wrong and the one in the Shame.

I first went to the ant mount, kinda worried as I got to admit I have bad memories of the ant mount in U6P, but that went fairly easy and I got of lot of XPs for killing the ants. I found the body of the pirate, and here was the map!

Next came Wrong – or rather Covetous since I went through this entrance (not that it matters, since they are the same dungeon in Ultima VI). It went fairly quick as well: as few unlock magic, a bit of telekinesis, and here I was on the final level and found the map piece.

Finally: Shame. This one was harder since the first time I went through it… I got lost which lead me to exit to dungeon and start over. I finally did found Old Ybarra and traded food for his map, and then got back to Lord British’s castle with the Orb.

So here I am basically: all that’s left for me now is to get back to Buccaner’s Den to get the latest map piece from Omer. Then it’s down to the Pirate cave!

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