Eight Little Map Pieces…

And the treasure is mine!

As you can guess things have progressed quite a lot since my last blogpost, but I was alas a tad too busy to blog earlier.

So the Eight Shrines of Britannia now stand free of the Gargoyle’s rules, and restored to Virtue – with the 8 Moonstones in my possession.

Well, free might be an exageration since for half of them I basically went in, removed the moonstones, and fled through the Orb of the Moon but… this is not my fault is some gargoyles seems impervious to attacks!

So here I was with 8 shrines restored and 8 moonstones in my inventory. And so I was basically putting all the Runes and Moonstones in a single bag… when I came to the realization: I only had seven of them! Which lead to some fear and panic and backtracking to all shrines, until I found my stone back at the Shrine of Humility.

Thank god this game doesn’t have a dissapearing item at Shrine bug like another one I can think of!

Now of course amidst this questing for Virtue, I also made my way to the Lycaeum where I talked to Mariah which did not recognize and acted like a total stranger (well… perhaps her insanity didn’t start with the Guardian’s generator…), but learned that I had to get another tablet from that Pirate named Hawkins. A small trip to Bucs Den made me learn as well that I needed to get a belt from Phoenix (who hid below the sewers of Britain) in order to get inside the Guild, and thus learn more information about the tablet.

So here I was, back at Castle Britannia and descending in the bowels of Britain. Exploring the sewers and finding Phoenix actually proven very easy and I stood ready to go and cast the Pickpocket spell to steal her belt from her. But then I realized…


You see, I actually went to see Rudyom to get it before, but I didn’t had enough gold, so I figured “Oh well I’ll go back later” but I completly forgot about this. So here I was, in the bottom of the sewers, with no Pickpocket and no luck. I could easily have slain Pheonix with a glass sword and got on with it, but that would have been… unethical really.

So rather thant going all the way back up… I used my usual Moongates super travel thing.

How so?

Well the concept is simple. Look

Basically: I bury 7 of the 8 Moonstones in the ground, keep one for me then use my Orb of the Moons to get back where I need to. I then bury the last remainsting Moonstone near an Obr teleportation point (in this case at the Shrine of Compassion so that I could get near cove), and basically just use this Moongate to get back to the area where I buried the seven other ones.

Smart use of moonstones ain’t it?

Now of course Murphy’s Law came by and when I tried to get back to the underground lair of Pheonix, I OF COURSE ended at the Shrine of Compassions because OBVIOUSLY, the Moon just so happen to be at the same phase as the only stone I didn’t planted underground. I mean what are the odds, heh?

But in any case I got back, used Pickpocket to get Pheonix’s Belt (and her magical helm, armor, shield and glass swords), and the preceeded to wait on the Moongates to vanish. You see the way it goes in Ultima VI in that unlike Ultima V where Moongates would vanish as soon as daylight came, they only vanish (and thus allows you to get back the moonstones) when there are no Moons in the sky. If there is a Moon in the sky, even if it is in broad daylight, a Moongate will appear. So you basically only have a small bracket of one hour near 6 PM to get your Moonstone back. Note that this is actually “important”, because I thought for a long time that Moonstone couldn’t be obtained back because of this… which lead to restart the whole game once at my first playthrough on the Atari ST as I had buried the 8 Moonstones where they belonged and thought there were gone for Good, thus preventing me to complete the game.

So any way after getting my Moonstones back I went back to the Shrine of Compassion with my Orb… and waited for my last Moonstone. I then sailed back to Buccaner’s Den and Budo welcomed me into the Guild while Omer gave me good information about the Map Pieces I will need to find Hawkins’ treasure.

So I am now in Trinsic trying to pry out information from Sandy. Which means I now need to head to Destard and find some Dragon Eggs…

On a closing note I’ll just do a little rant about a monsters I encountered in the sewers:

I don’t know if this had somehow gotten blocked from my memory but. This… THIS is supposed to be a GAZER? This HUGE ball with basically rotating blinking like? Is this a joke? And there are who complain about the Gazer of Ultima IX and let this pass?

This is even worst that the green spidery approach the Gazer took on in Ultima VII.


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