The quest for Good and Virtue…

…has started! Let us go out and wipe those nasty evil gargoyles who threatens our fair Britannia!


Did I say something wrong?

I mean Lord British really insisted about how dangerous how evil they are, so they must be… right?

Erm… in any case here I am, having now started my quest in Ultima VI.

But of course some openiong words about the “Compendium” – Ultima VI’s manual. It is of course written in the same style as the previouses manuals, except it is written this time as a book that Lord British himself would have written directly for the Avatar. Which means it really has this self-rightous feel throuhought and there is something somewhat amusing as Lord British repeating multiple times how fair and just his rule is.

This manual also show the first example of the many retcons Ultima VI offers, starting with of course making the Avatar the one who killed the Triad of Evil. There are also some obious decreprencies, such as Lord British mentionning how the Isle of the Avatar rose from the depth of the ocean when the Codex was arisen from the depth (huh?) and some obvious contradiction between the manual and the game. Not that it’s a big a deal, but worth pointing out.

So in any case I basically set up for my quest, starting by transfering my Ultima V character. Considering how relatively week he was there wasn’t much point realy as I’m basically starting with a Level 3 Avatar wth slighty over 200 XP, lower that what I would have had with a brand new Avatar. I could have used my Ultima IV save to have an overly powerfun one, but I felt it would be kind of cheating so I decided to simply play it fair.

I must say my quest is doing well. I am trying NOT to use the Ord of the Moons until I’ve been to an area first, but in retrospect Ultima VI is really not that big (which makes one wonder… how did I get lost so easily 20 years ago?). So at that point I have already liberated three Shrines: Compassion, Honor and Spirituality – which seems a lot considered I haven’t played that much of the game really.

I also just bought a skiff in order to navigate – since I didn’t have enough money to buy a Frigate and in all fairness, skiffs have little downside contrady to Ultima V, since they can travel everywhere and you can also carry them on your back (which can come in handy in some dungeons actually).

Other that than the game is very enjoyable, altough I’d say the lack of location-based music in Britannia would be my biggest complains. I think the inferface if fine too even if it’s recommanded NOT to use the mouse.

And I still like moving stuff around!

In any case I’ll be back later… I still have many Shrines to free…


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