Our Lord is Saved!

After 5 months and 7 days of question, did Sergorn the Avatar rescue Lord British from the Underworld.

But boy that was… hard.

So I now have the answere: it is possible to finish Ultima V without having a full 8 level party or even a level 8 Avatar… it’s just damned hard!

Getting through the Underworld wasn’t so hard… I descended to Shame without much difficulty and Blinked eastward toward the center of the World.

Now flying through the lava did cause some damage… which actually led to a death and a reload because I err… just wasn’t very careful. But I did finally came to the entrance of Doom and called forth VERAMOCOR!

Afterward came the starting room with its weird purple energy walls… but thank fully, I did have my beloved Scepter of Lord British to open the way.

Now Doom was hard. Real hard. Nevermind the fact that’s is basically one big maze which makes you turn around and round, and requires you to move back and forth again between levels. But most importantly it does offer the most powerfyl monsters the game has to offer: Mongbats, Sandtraps, Wisps, Daemons and Dragons… which makes it basically a hell to come through.

I did move forward and through really until one of the later rooms began to provide too hard for my whole party… ending up with me having four dead party members – including of course my two mages and Iolo. I did had one scroll of Ressurection left, so I used it to ressurect Dupre and we did the last few remaining rooms as a threesome… which was hard, but doable with some cleaverness and tricks (and notably some good use of those An Tym scrolls I had stocked).

Now before we get to the end I’d just like to give a special mention to this room:

Why? Because this is the exact same room where I got the first time I played Ultima V before losing my saves. Yes… I had like one other room after this one and I would have finished the game. Which is just frustrating in restrospect.

Bo this time I passed, with difficulty but I passed. And so I finally came to final room with Lord British inside of his mirror…

Do I mention to say this is such a cool concept? The first time I got there I kind of sat there for a short while, wondering what the hell to do.

But well I passed the mirror and got to Lord British at that. Funnily enough the first time I did got there… I actually answered no to Lord British, not fully understanding what he was asking me. And it got stuck to watching my characters being bored to death in Lord British’s prison. Oh well…

When I answered yes though… I remember being blown away by that beautiful Red Moongates and I kept thinking Moongates should be all like this, because really: I love red!

Now one have to admit the ending has the ungrateful bastards kind of feeling. I mean you basically just saved the world, Lord British… and you’re just back home with no explanations. Goodbye, au revoir, sayonara. I mean I strive to be virtuous and all but there are time you’d want to whack our liege hard.

And so here I was. Back home. With all my stuff gone. And only a dream to find out the rest. Oh well.

By the way Lord British, you really should have killed Blackthorn when you had the chance: he’s gonna betray you again!

So this is if for Ultima V. I have to say except for the annoying grinding in the later hours, this really was a blast to play in spite of its age. This will always remain an unique and special game in my heart.

Now onward to Ultima VI: The False Prophet!



  1. Donn said,

    September 29, 2010 at 12:21 am

    One trick you didn’t mention using is taking Moonstones with you to the Underworld, giving you a speedy way back to Britannia to deal with the Shadowlords. Unless you like using Moogates, I suppose.

    • Sergorn said,

      September 29, 2010 at 8:40 pm

      Hey good point. I didn’t use Moongates that much in Ultima V, but I never really took the approach of digging them out and using them elswhere than they’re meant to, unlike in Ultima VI.

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