My lord awaits me….

But he’ll have to wait bit.

I apologize for the time this update took (especially since this cover were I was two days ago), but the last few days have been pretty hectic in terme of working on Return to the Serpent Isle.

So as I mentioned last time I was back in the Underworld through Deceit, looking this time for the Shard of Falsehood. Now finding the Shard wasn’t so hard, and after a short while of exploring I managed to find it on that island.

Now getting back up to the surface… that was something else. You see the first/last room of Deceit near the underworld, is actually a room with secret passages… and dragons. Which basically wiped the floor with my party. Now after a couple of loading I managed to come through but with three deads, including my Avatar which was the only one capable of casting Uus Por at that point.

Deceit feels a lot like a maze really, with a lot of secret doors, traps, and passage – basically deserving its name. To be fair I really got lost and was starting to lose all hope when I got lucky: after sleeping one too many times, my Avatar suddenly ressurected. I don’t know if that is normal aspect of the game (altough I do remember it did happens to me before many years ago), but it saved my life especially since I was already on level 1 – except not in the proper area.

Once back in Britannia, I headed straight to the Lycaeum where I paid my hard earner money to ressurect my dead party members. After that, it was straight to the Flame of Truth… and farewell Faulinei!

Now for my next step I decided to forget about the Shard for a while and thought I should go and follow the steps of Lord British’s original expedition. So I headed straight to that waterfall area west of Trinsic.

So I was now in the Underworld and straight following the expedition of Lord British.

So I followed those falls again and again until I got to that big poisonous area, and then finally… to the tombstone of the valiant knights who feel defending Lord British… and in front of it: the Amulet.

Finding Destard was more tricky as this area to the Underworld was pretty large… but I found it eventually, and managed to get back up… but err careful retreat of many areas filled with Dragons (I am NOT a coward, I am just careful!).

So now there was only one thing left: the Shard of Hatred. I had leard in was under Lost Hope Bay, so I decided to get down Dungeon Wrong. I’ve always liked this dungeons because it has many rooms, cells, loot, and monsters. I did however was focused on getting to the Underworld and decided to do this as quickly as I could.

So I got into the Underworld, and climbed the dangerous mountains southward to find it: the Shard of Hatred!

In order to offer some variety, I decided to get back up through Covetous. This is also an interesting dungeons altough probably a tad too much like Wrong (I like how they turned it into a proper mine later on). It was not too hard however, and I was soon backup.

And so I headed straight to Serpent’s Hold, called for Astaroth and used the Shard of Hatred… before realising that I should have gone to Empath Abbey instead (for my defense: I was very tired). So as they say… I reloaded and went back to Empath Abbey. And there I called forth Astaroth.

Goodbye buddy! Now that’s it for the Shadowlords… just please don’t coalesce and come back as a big red entity called the Guardian, please ?

So now I had only one thing left to do in the game really: Stonegate.

I headed straight to the fortress, and found the deamon Balinor.

I did answer his question correctly, but the bastard attacked me anyway, so I sent him back to the deamonic planes. So I entered the fortress and here it was: the sceptre of Lord British.

And so here I am today.

The Shadowlords are dead.

I have the Sandalwood Box.

I have the three artefacts of Lord British.

I have the Mystics Arms and Armors.
I have the Word of Passage and know how to find Doom.

In other word all left for me to do is to go inside Doom and free Lord British.

This is not that easy however as my characters are level 4 at most… which is just not enough to survive the dangers of Doom.

Which means: grinding. And a lot of grinding.


I don’t look forward to this.

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