All in a day’s work…

Well that was a busy day trying to save Britannia!

As I mentionned in my last post, it was now time to get litterally Underworld. Of course that require some prepping first: notably loads of reagents. Of course this brings the question: why the HELL are Shadowlords always in THE city you NEED to get to buy your stuff?

But as I said: reagents. After that I sailed toward the Isle of the Avatar, and onward to the Dungeon Hythloth. A little “Ignavus” and there it was: Hythloth awaited. Now, getting to the Underworld was actually quite easy… because it has this stairs basically getting you all the way to Level 7… so you just need a little “Des Por” and voila: the Underworld is there!

So I head straight for the lava at the base of the Abyss, and here they were the Mytics! (Altough I kind of wonder how they hell Mystic Robes turned into Mystic Armors, hmm?)

I unfortunately was not very careful and erm… Jaana suffered a little mountaining accident and did… which is kind of sucky as it deprived her of much experience!

Knowing that the Shard of Cowardice laid nearby, I continued by exploration of the Underworld through a lot of Blinking. I gotta admit it was actually quite a wonderful design idea to have this area fully designed for the use of the Blink spell. It is a shame it never got any use in later instalments. The Underworld can be really hard – it’d b okay except for one thing: those DAMNED Mongbats: not only they are numerous, but they move twice faster than you and hit hard. It actually is kind of crazy to think that these would become highly comon monsters in later Ultima game.

But after much exploring (and much reloading as well I shall confess) I finally found it: the Shard!

And so here came the process of getting back. So more blinking. More mongbats (ugh) and more Hythloth. Now I was glad to have that Lord British’s crown as the first room upward came with three Daemons. But I disposed of them easily. And thus I went up. There was much “Uus Por” but Britannia was there!

I waited no longer and headed straight for Serpent’s Hold. So I called forth Nosfentor, and well… she didn’t pose much of a resistance.

Don’t worry lass. You lil’ brothers will come join you shortly.

Now with one less pain in the ass, I went back and ressurected Jaana at a healer. I then proceded to go and do all the Virtue Quest remaining and such I learned that Lord British was at the center of the world and that I should call forth VERAMOCOR. Wait I already called that forth in Ultima IV! Geez…

One thing done, I figured I might as well head for the next Shard. So I got to Deceit… but then suddently: STARVATION! I had no more food and my character were starting to die. So I went to Moonglow and bought 1000 of food. I should be good. So I headed back to Deceit… and then I noticed that… I had no more torchers :'(.

So basically I headed to PAWS to get 99 torches.

An Avatar’s life is never easy…

So I could now enter Deceit. But as it turns out it was even easier than Hythloth, since you had a trap door letting you fall all the way to Level 8. A lot of damage of course but heh, what can I say? And then of course Des Por was my friend.

And so here I am now, in the darkness of the Underworld, this epic music in my head, looking for the last piece of my former nemesis’ legacy to destroy.

Here I come Shardy-boy !

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