The depth awaits…

I have to admit… that Ultima V really has much less content than I remembered.

It’s interesting how the game feels scaled back from Ultima IV in a way: the town are much smaller, there are many less NPCs, and as such it is much easier to remember and note down all the clues. (And they said that Ultima IX had small cities :P)

Now of course the NPCs have a lot more depth than their Ultima IV counterpart and much better dialogues, but it feels to me that Ultima V was more focusing about adding depth, both in term of plot and gameplay, even at the cost of a reduced sized. Which is good.

This does means basically that after only a few hours of gameplay I have basically talked to all the NPCs and done all that there is to be done on the Surface. I have the Spyglass, the Sextant, the Crown, the name of all three Shadowlords and the location of their Shards, the way to destroy them from Sutek, the location of the Mystics in the Underworld… basically all that is left to me are the Virtue quests which are currently underway, and getting the scepter… which will wait for the death of all Shadowlords, thank you very much!

The only thing I did NOT do, was was betrayed a council member to get the Oppression’s password. I could admitedly have cheated, but I’d rather not. So this made Blackthorn’s Palace a tad more difficult, but it was nice to infiltrate the place and avoid all the guards.

Now I do have to admit having err… pillaged Castle Britanni’s treasury a couple of time. But don’t you give me that look! Lord British always says that I can help myself in the Castle, so I’m sure he would have said the same here! I was stealing from the Oppression in a sense, really!

And I really needed money for a boat.

Of course the minute I got a boat, it felt like Pirate ships started popping everywhere but whatever…

Also I actually did made a single trip to the Underworld. I didn’t MEAN to do, but my boat err… kind got caught into a whirlpool. But it’s okay, I met Captain Johne and recruited it, so I know have my full party. Despise is also an easy dungeon, so getting back up really wasn’t that hard.

No of course I have lot of dungeoning left to to do. And a lot of Underworld to explore. But I figure I might as well start with Hythloth.

I mean these Mystics sounds nice.

(So what? There’s no law about being an Avatar who like having great armors and stuff!)

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