The Yellow Stone is mine!

No… not the park!

The one was that was laying inside Dungeon Despise rather.

Due to my inability of getting my last avatarhood thingy in Honesty… I basically gave up and decided to start my quest for the stones instead. As this was already my main source of getting money to spend on the blind woman, this meant I was already pretty familiar with it, so I went into the depth and looked for the Stone. Now I do have to confess that I looked a bit at the maps to help me – mapping the thing would be a neat old school fun I guess… but I don’t have any appropriate paper left actually. Heh.

One thing about the dungeons in Ultima IV is that they did bring one major addition to the series: rooms. Rather than just having the 3D exploration with random monsters to kill, you also have pre-defined rooms with a set look, set monsters and possibly treasure chest. They also brought the first form of puzzle to the series, through the use of secret wall which reveals new ones and so on… This is an aspect that will get further in Ultima V, which explains the drastic change in Ultima VI… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

So I came out of the dungeon victorious with the Yellow Stone I was seeking. A visit to Lord British lead me to Level 8, which I can now go to Minoc to recruit Julia which is my only missing companion.

More gold spend to the blind woman lead to revelation alas… that I’m still not honest enough.

Meh. 😦


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