Avatarhood is just so close…

…and yet it just seems to be slipping away the closer I get to it.

I am now a seven part Avatar – I am only lacking enlightenment in a single Virtue: Honesty.

You see the Virtue of Honesty has kind of a real design flaw. Back in it wasn’t easy to actually track whatever lies of truth your character might tell, so in the end Honesty ended up being tracked by a single feature: paying the proper amount of money to the blind women selling reagents.

Which basically make my playing for now consisting of: killing monster, getting money, buying reagents, and getting back to Hawkwind in the hope he tells me I am ready to be enlightened. But not thus far… so it’s quite repetitive.

I did do quite a bit on the side though, I now have the Candle of Love and the Book of Truth, and the Bell of Courage is waiting for me to get a Sextant to go find it. I also got both the Black and White stones, which means I also got the balloon, or lighter-than-air device as they named it (altough having to consider the wind really is annoying and kind of make the use of the Balloon a moot point after getting the White Stone).

Of course I still need to get the other stones, which means a lot of dungeons crawling, which I’m not exactly looking forward too, as personally I’ve only been truly fond of Ultima dungeons in the latest games (on account that the earlier game were basically all about monster bashing).

On a side note, I just can’t seem to find any clue to the HMS Cape Wheel. It would be easy to get a walkthrough and find it, but I’d rather be able to find the information in-game, but I’m at a loss here. Meh.

In any case, since I am now back home and things are settling down a bit I should now be able to blog more than during the last couple of weeks.

Hopefully by my next blog post I will be an Avatar at last!

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