The Triad of Evil is no more…

And thus, following the advice of the allmighty and mysterious Time Lord, I ventured toward the Isle of Fire and, after liberating the Great Earth Serpent with the invocation Evocare, I entered Castle Death to face Exodus itself…

It was actually quite of a challenge : while Castle Death doesn’t have that many monsters around, it has fireballs everywhere which can hurt your party a whole lot. The most difficult actually remains the castle floors which attacks you before the final “boss” which caused quite a stir amongst my party… since I ended with three death and a last party member close to.

But using her last strength, my worthy wizard managed to insert the mysterious Cards to deactivate the evil machine…

You know I really got to wonder how people reacted back in 1983 upon reaching Exodus and facing… what is basically a computer and no “boss fight” at all. This probably must have felt anti-climatic to some, but it must also have been mindblowing and very much daring. Even today it is very rare to find a RPG which doesn’t end with a boss fight, so imagine 27 years ago!

I do believe the idea of not having to face directly the ennemy to destroy it to be brillant, and I am glad this is something that mostly remained in the series till the end, even when facing the Guardian in Ultima IX.

Also it does feel somewhat dissapointing in retrospect that the machine aspect feel so much retconned out the Britannian history after this game… I mean the body of Exodus you find in Ultima VII is basically a pillar. Meh.

In any case, playing Ultima III was one fun ride, and the Mac remake is very much the definitive version of the game so I recommend anyone who can to play it. (On a side note this version actually allows to continue playing after the endgame, though I am not sure about the point of it).

But now I really look forward to play Ultima IV… because indeed this is where things truly begins…


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  1. Donn said,

    September 30, 2010 at 12:03 am

    Oh, well, see, I never played Ultima III, but I would LOVE the option to win Ultima V, then return to the surface and just go adventuring some more. Sometimes that’s how I play anyway, not to win, but see if I can completely clear out all the dungeons, explore the economy, build ship-bridges, etc.

    If somebody wrote an add-on world editor that let you build your own keep, I’d be all over that.

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