The beauties of Ambrosia

No, not the drink you fools, the lost continent!

My journey there was fruitful to say the least since I now hold the Four Cards needed to “kill” Exodus and have maxed out my character’s main stats (I would have done more, but I already went there with the maximum of 9999 Gold per character so…).

Actually I probably made a big mistake by not going to Ambrosia sooner – I had this memory of a dangerous isle full of monsters… but not so much actually and it feels like a breeze compared to the dungeons I’ve done (which would have been easier with maxed out Wizards will all the spells…). D’oh!

I am getting very close to the end now: I have all four Cards, the four Marks, my characters are very strong and equipped with the Exotics, so technically all that is left for me to do is enter Castle Death and face the vile daemon.

However… I first want to meet the Time Lord to learn “how” to destroy Exodus – it would be easy to forget this step considering all relevant informations are easy to find now, but for the sake of it I say: why not ?

So I should probably be done by the game by tomorrow, it actually went faster than I thought it would, but I guess it just shows how fun it was to play as opposed to Ultima II which just dragged on and on.

Evil awaits!

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