The Enchantress is dead!

At last!

Minax the Enchantress just perished under Enilno’s blade. Good riddance to say the least, as I must admit Ultima II was more pain that it was worth it.

For starter I did finally solve my aftermath issue, not with a boat but with a plane! I did forgot that you could use Time Gate with planes, so in the end it was just a matter of getting a plane and flying over the ocean. After that all that remained to do was basically grinding like a mad man in order to get enough gold to buy the strongest weapons and armor and to enhance my character.

Minax wasn’t much of a challenge either, and her minions are actually more challening than she is. As far as Boss Battles go, I actually think Mondain’s was more inventive albeit not terribly hard either.

My opinon about Ultima II in the end isn’t a very positive one I’m afraid. I would argue that it probably is the worst Ultima game (I mean even Akalabeth gave me more fun), and that even some of the weirdest console versions of Ultima games were more fun than that. That’s not to say the game did not have some neat evolutions – notably the bigger town and dialogue aspect was a fundamental improvement over Ultima I – but the rest of the game is mired with design mitakes that make Ultima II an exercice in frustration.

The game does try new stuff and I’m certainly not gonna hold this against it and this has been Ultima’s moto right until the very end, but it doesn’t really succeed at it, and the fact that the following games returned to a formula closer to Ultima I in terme of gameplay is revealing.

In any case that will be it for Ultima II, onward to “Exodus: Ultima III”!

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