“Thou art victorious!”

R.I.P Mondain.

Tonight, the evil wizard Mondain perished under my blade. And his evil gem was shattered.

Now of course considering all the evil stuff it’s gonna spawn like Minax, the Shadowlords, the Guardian, and UO… perhaps I shouldn’t have, heh?

I have to admit he didn’t offer much of a challenge since I had my character basically maxed out there. I still gotta wonder where that Time Machine came from though – perhaps the Time Lord really is Doctor Who after all.

So on the whole I must say Ultima I was a fun ride. Except for the frustrating parts of hunting down TIE Fighters, it was quite enjoyable and I ought to wonder what a moderne remake would look like, especially since it kept the Sci-Fi aspect of the game to some degree…

The Apple IIgs port was very nice I must say, an improvement over the PC version on the whole altough I kind of wish it had as many roaming monsters on the overland and music for everywhere.

In any case, stay tuned for “Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress.”

I heard that some enchantress called Minax ain’t too happy about me whacking her beloved Master…

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