Hard is the life of a space ace…

And so I am continuing my adventure throughout the Lands of Sosaria: killing monsters, earning money, experience, and going from one sign to the next to get more stats (!)… I am still lacking 3 gems but I figured: I want to be a space ace!

So I bought a space shuttle and launched into space.

Unfortunately… I thought my Reflect Suit would be okay, but I actually needed a Vacuum Suit… so I died horribly while docking at the space station.


One reload later and a small passage at an armour shop and here I was, back into space! But man this is hard: thos nasty TIE Fighter (which look more like blue-ish TIE Interceptors in this port) are just awfully hard to hit and you burn fuel (which cost like a LOT) at an amazingly fast pace. It made me realised alas that the force was NOT with me, and I that I still have ways to go before following the footsteps of Luke skywalker, and thus I returned to Sosaria and began: the quest for more money!

On a more technical note the space part is actually quite dissapointing because it doesn’t have any sound or music. I mean come on!

Also I’ve noticed that the art for the dungeons monsters appears not to have been completed as some monsters are replaced with templates with a Card and the Monster name.

On a side note I can also confirm that as you advance in the game, more and more monsters start to appear on the overland map. So this is a different approach from the 1986 remake, but an interesting one.

More later!

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