Thou shalt slay some evil monster!

And here goes : my journey has finally begin !

As such I began yesterday to play through Akalabeth.

Now the first thing: it was actually problematic to get the game working as DosBOX just don’t like Akalabeth – or at least the Ultima Collection version. After some looking around I found a way to go and patch the .exe of the game that they run flawlessly, but this not exactly the easiest way to play a game (Note: I’ll see with WtF_Dragon about providing the modified .exe at Ultima Aiera).

But in any case I managed to begin my quest and find Lord British to gave my first mission : find and kill a Carrion Crawler !

Now… Akalabeth is one damn ugly game, and the colors of the PC version probably make it worst. It’s also goddamn repetitive as well. But most importantly: it’s freakingly hard – you just happen to die a whole lot and thanks god that the PC version offers an actualy saving system so that you don’t have to restart from scratch every time of this cause some accident of the computer being thrown through the window.

I’ve actually tried both the Mage and Fighter approach. They both have their advantages: notably the Mage can use Ladder Up and Ladder Down spells. But it is such a weakling in term of combat that I finally settled upon the Figther. Now after a couple of hours of playing, lot of money being spend of food, and more death than I had ever had in any Ultima game before – I did it: I managed to kill the Carrion Crawler and (most importantly) exit the dungeon alive.

I am now questing for an evil Gremlin. What can I say ? Heroes get no rest…


  1. June 19, 2011 at 4:39 am

    […] of Sergorn Dragon, who made use of it, Ultima Aiera is pleased to offer for download a patched DOS executable for Akalabeth courtesy of […]

  2. June 19, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    […] of Sergorn Dragon, who made use of it, Ultima Aiera is pleased to offer for download WDOSX, a DOS extender that can be used to patch the […]

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