I am now a Knight !

And this on the day of our Lord, July the 28th, did the mere Peasant Sergorn became knighted by his Majesty Lord British.

And there was much rejoicing or… well maybe not.

I have actually finished Akalabeth twice today. I finished the game I started yesterday at Level 1, and became a Knight. But since I have masochistic tendencies, I figured: what the eck? And thus decided to replay the whole game at Level 10 in order to get the “true” ending.

You see once you figure out the mechanics, Akalabeth actually becomes quite easy – the hardest part are actually the beginning since it require quite a bit of grinding to get more gold and XP, so redoing it was much easier this time. However I also figured out the ultimate cheat: Lizardman.

You see you use magic in Akalabeth by using Magical Amulets which offer multiples effects, which for a warrior also happen to be fully random. the Lizard Man is pretty awesome: because it double your HP, and all your stats permanently. Now the rist is that you could come upon Toad instead which criple your character with 3 in each stats. But I actually came with a bit of luck and multiple Lizard Man spells in a row.

By the time I faced the Balrog – the final monster in the game – I had thousands of hit point and could kill anything in a single. By the time I exited the dungeons with the use of magic… I had so many Lizard Man I completed the game with a freaking number of 235 000 HP and around 15 000 in each time.


Now the true ending was underwhelming: unlike the original Apple II version you don’t an outdated phone number to call, and the game merely tells to tell Lord British about your performance. Sure I would, but anybody got his e-mail ? 😛

On a side note the PC port also appears a bit sloppy with some silly typos such as “Kinght” and “Lord Brititsh”.

So in any case, this is it for Akalabeth. It actually does feel to finish a sorta Ultima I haven’t finished before, but I’m glad it didn’t last too long because it can get kind of boring.

In any case I’ll be back tomorrow with some words about my next adventure : “Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness” – and as a parting gift, a picture of my final battle against the vile Balrog.

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