Welcome to Sergorn Dragon’s Ultima Adventures!

Greetings everyone !

My name is Sergorn Dragon, I am 30 and have been an Ultima fan for pretty much all my life.

Those who already know me, know that I am one of those a huge and crazy Ultima fans, to the point that I am even working on crafting my own Ultima project called “Return to the Serpent Isle.”

As many fans, I am still craving for new Ultima games, so I was delighted when the Ultima VI Project was finally released earlier this month. As I was playing it however, this urge gradually came to me: what if I were to replay the entire Ultima series?

I began to realize that really: it has been a while since I played an Ultima game. Except for Lazarus in 2006 and a few hours of that SNES Ultima VII a couple years ago, the last time I played an actual old-school Ultima game was back in 2002 when I replayed Ultima VII to IX. The earlier ones, that was even a longer time before that, since I have to go back to 1999 when I replayed the entire series from Ultima I in preparation for the release of Ultima IX: Ascension.

Now some of those games probably haven’t aged well, but I figured: what the heck? I still love Ultima dearly and it just would be fun to replay the whole series.

And I figure what about blogging about it? Obviously I can’t claim credit for imagining this, and Ophidian Dragon’s Ultima Blogging has clearly inspired – but there is little else to be said outside that eck it should be fun.

So I will be playing the entire series from Akalabeth to Ultima IX, including the main spin-off such as the World of Ultima and Ultima Underworld games. While I also have considered doing some of the other, weirders, Ultima spin-offs or ports – I have decided to focus on the main series for the time being, and see about the other games afterward.

I will be following a similar pattern for each game: a first post presenting the game, my relationship with it, and when it applies the version chosen for this playthrough. Afterward I’ll post blog posts and possibly some screenshots of my adventuring for how long it will take (which could take a while, or not so much considering I can end up devoting a crazy amount of time to such things when I put myself to it) with some final impressions once the game is finished.

So I hope you’ll enjoy following this adventure with me!

1 Comment

  1. JasonNH said,

    July 27, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    In for the adventure. 🙂

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